Denise and Chris | St Leo the Great Catholic Church Wedding, Fairfax, VA | Fairfax Wedding Photographer

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I am delighted to share Denise and Chris’s beautiful summer wedding at St Leo the Great Catholic Church and their family estate in Fairfax, Virginia with you today! Denise and Chris shared with me that they met and decided it was true love in their College Vector Calculus class. After 9:10 pm class they started an impromptu salsa dance class in the hallway! So, it was such a perfect choice for the bride to wear a pair of white Salsa shoes on her Wedding Day!

The couple chose a classic church ceremony at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church in Fairfax, Virginia. The beautiful “Ave Maria” was sung from the church balcony while the mothers were seated. Denise and Chris faced family and friends as they exchanged their vows. From the balcony the organist played Toccata from Organ Symphony No. 5. The adorable ring bearers and flower girl brought great joy to the wedding procession. Denise and Chris placed the bridal bouquet at the foot of the Blessed Mary after the ceremony.

An intimate outdoor reception was held at the family estate in Fairfax, Virginia under a tent draped canopy. Red and white lanterns strung from above and rows of twinkle lights. Each table was adorned with a glass filled with a floating red rose. The backyard garden reception setting was lovely with flowers and hostas and dappled sunlight filtered through large old oak trees. The reception was joyous with champagne and dancing into the night.
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The ceremony was held at St Leo the Great Catholic Church in Fairfax, Virginia

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It was a perfect day for Denise and Chris and I could not be more happy for you both! It was an honor to photograph the special moments of your day! CONGRATS!
Venue: Family Estate, Ceremony: St. Leo the Great Catholic Church, Celebrant: Fr. David Whitestone, Hair and Makeup: Natalie Chanfreau, Gown: JJ’s House, Bridal Shoes: Exotica Salsa, Groom’s Attire: Azad American Formal Wear