Sunset Crest Manor Wedding | Chantilly VA | Gilroy Photography

Melissa and Peter’s Wedding at Sunset Crest Manor, in Chantilly, Virginia was a perfect mixture of casual elegance and the beautiful Virginia countryside. The gorgeous Sunset Crest Manor with it’s 82 acres was the perfect setting for their wedding. The couple’s First Look was on the garden walkway outside the barn. Melissa meandered down the winding pathway to tap her groom on the shoulder and it was a beautiful intimate moment.

There were so many special touches! The patio cocktail tables centerpieces were mason jars filled with delicate white tulips. The couples ceremony was held on the expansive patio at the crest of the hillside. Baby’s Breath gathered in ribbon decorated ceremony rows of gold Chiavari chairs. The wedding ceremony was held overlooking the breathtaking view from the atop the hill. Then there were the lovely sounds of the violin played by Melissa’s Aunt during the ceremony processional and recessional moments.

The first dance was held under the wagon wheel chandelier in the perfect rustic barn and the dance floor was full, as the music rocked into the night! At the end of the night the quests gathered full of laughter and excitement as they gave the couple a grand sparkler send off!

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Congratulations Melissa and Peter! It was a sheer joy and honor to capture the magical moments of your Wedding Day at Sunset Crest Manor!
– Donna Gilroy, Gilroy Photography

Venue: Sunset Crest Manor
Photographer: Donna Gilroy of Gilroy Photography
Cater: Better Events Catering
Violinist: Bing Liu
Officiant: Hawley Smith
Florist: Fifi Flowers
DJ: Dennis Woo
Dress: J.Crew
Hair: Jolie Laide Salon