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The Right Event photographer can create a “Buzz” for your Conference!

I’m Donna Gilroy, a Wedding + Event Photographer of Gilroy Photography based in Northern Virginia. I have launched a new Gilroy Photography LLC website to expand my photography business with more amazing conference events. As an experienced professional Wedding Photographer you develop an eye for capturing the important moments. You are always observing and can predict when to and how to get that perfect shot. As a photographer I have develop a keen eye for moments that often last a fraction of a second! These honed skills transfer well when I photograph other types of events. Events like conferences require a photojournalist style of creating dynamic photographs that capture the stance, eye contact, hand gestures or facial expressions of the speakers. The use of negative and positive space with layers of visual interest to capture the energy of the event.

Professional dynamic event photographs are a vital part of your communications to your industry and your social media strategy. The photography will project the strengths and success of your conference. When you review your photographs they should create a “Buzz” about your industry and your experts in the field. In addition, during a conference event the attendees are in some respects as important as the esteemed speakers because they show the reaction to the energy of the event. It can be laughter, applause, or serious contemplation of the speakers conversation that is so important to capture at an event. The networking between groups is essential to give a sense of the energy of the day. As an event photographer you are telling the story of the conference event day from the begin, middle and closing of the conference.

Conference Event Photography is all about portraiture of individuals who are experts in their fields. Capturing the Keynote Speaker and the moments during their speaking are vital. Knowing the event agenda before I begin photographing is important to capture all the activities of the day.

Your photographs should capture the essence of the Conference Event and tell the story of the Agenda and Mission of the Event. Creating a Visual Story to create a “Buzz” about the organization and their work leading to interest in next year’s conference event! Capturing the marketing signage and presentation visuals in shots can create great photographs. Including Vendor booths and their company representatives give complete coverage of the event opportunities.

Gilroy Photography is excited to offer conference event photography coverage to diversify our company. Gilroy Photography works to build strong relationships with our clients and deliver creative dynamic images that promote the goals of your amazing conference events. Reach out to Contact info@gilroyphotography.com today with details about your event to check my availability and receive an estimate. Event photography is an important investment for your event and you should chose a photographer who delivers exceptional quality and creative images.