Candra & Eric | Old Town Alexandria Engagement Session

I couldn’t wait to share a sneak peek of Candra & Eric’s engagement photo session! I had so much fun with these two lovebirds in historic Old Town Alexandria!

It started out as one of the hottest summer days, but as we starting walking the streets of Old Town Alexandria there was a slight breeze and the temperatures cooled a bit as we approached Prince Street. Candra and Eric just naturally make one another smile. It’s so fun to walk around with a couple that you feel like you have known for a really long time! We talked about the wedding, how they met, and how he proposed, and what they are most excited about. These two will be getting married at the beautiful Piedmont Club in the Spring of next year!

I hope you enjoy this summery Old Town Alexandria engagement!! If you think these two look amazing, just remember that they look THIS happy and THIS in love in the midst of hot Virginia summer temperatures! So impressive! I can’t wait for the wedding!

























Jessie + Kevin | Alexandria, Virginia Engagement Photos

Jessie and Kevin were great fun to photograph! They chose one of my favorite engagement session locations, Old Town Alexandria. I began the beautiful couple’s Alexandria engagement photos on King Street and then we walked down to the amazing waterfront. Old Town Alexandria has gorgeous views of the boats and water and the delightful gazebos are great fun for couples. The Nautical theme engagement session has lots of sweet touches. Enjoy!

Love Story of Jessie and Kevin
From Jessie’s point of view

We met through mutual friends in 2011, but didn’t start dating until after a friend’s wedding in 2012. Our first date in June took place at Dupont Circle. We ended up sitting at the fountain and talking for hours! We had a late dinner at Kramerbooks and Afterwords, then we shared our first kiss on the metro escalator heading home. Fast forward to October 2013, when we took a trip to Cincinnati to Kevin’s hometown and meet his family. The first night we were there, we saw Of Mice and Men performed by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company. After the performance, Kevin led me to the statue of Hamlet (a pig dressed like the Shakespeare character) and popped the question! Of course, I responded with a resounding Yes – that may have woken up half the city! We then when to Arnold’s for celebratory drinks.

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