Denise and Chris | Historic Occoquan Engagement Session

I met Denise and Chris at the Occoquan waterfront for their engagement session and strolled through the quaint Historic Occoquan, Virginia streets. They are such a sweet and down to earth couple! They brought a blanket and picnic to share with me: what a perfect way to end an engagement photo session. I love my clients!

The couple met and fell in love in their Vector Geometry class while attending George Mason University! Chris proposed to Denise at L’Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls. Their beautiful wedding will be held at St Leo’s the Great Catholic Church this summer!

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St. Timothy Catholic Wedding Ceremony

Beautiful Winter Wedding at St. Timothy Catholic Church in Chantilly, Virginia.St Timothy's Parish in Chantilly, VA (1 of 1)

Old Town Alexandria Wedding – at Sheraton Suites and St. Mary’s Catholic Church

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They had their Wedding ceremony at the beautiful and historic St. Mary’s Catholic Church which is the oldest Catholic Church in the Commonwealth of Virginia. St. Mary’s is located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia on S. Royal Street. The couple had their Wedding Reception at the Sheraton Suites in Old Town Alexandria followed by a Sunday brunch at Murphy’s Irish Pub. Gilroy Photography loves Wedding Receptions at Sheraton Suites. This Old Town Alexandria Wedding was so special with the color theme of green, and exquisite music played by professional musician friends from the balcony at St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Ava Maria was sang by the groom’s sister and it was magnificent. After the recessional a bagpiper dressed in traditional Scottish kilt played as the couple thanked their guests. St. Mary's Catholic Church in Alexandria, Virginiaj4383 (1 of 1)j4406 (1 of 1)j4518 (1 of 1)j4521 (1 of 1)j4590 (1 of 1)j4610 (1 of 1)j4627 (1 of 1)j4697 (1 of 1)j4714 (1 of 1)j4723 (1 of 1)j4729 (1 of 1)j4734 (1 of 1)j4785 (1 of 1)