Sharon & Danny | Piedmont Golf Club, Haymarket, Virginia Wedding


Sharon & Danny’s classic summer wedding at Piedmont Golf Club in Haymarket, Virginia was absolutely perfect. I am so completely over the moon happy for this couple! It was truly an honor to be part of their wedding day and photograph these special moments for them! One of my favorite moments was when Sharon walked down the aisle, to be greeted by her groom with a kiss and embrace for his beautiful bride!

Sweet details abound including an attendant serving cooling refreshments from a Slurpee machine in honor of their wedding date 7-11! Gorgeous shades of lavender tones were sprinkled everywhere and signs with beautiful words of love. Enjoy this incredible Piedmont Golf Club wedding that took place in Haymarket, Virginia. We have some of the most beautiful country club settings in all of Virginia!













So Beautiful!

So Beautiful!































Venue: Piedmont Golf Club, Haymarket, Virginia
Photographer: Donna Gilroy of Gilroy Photography
Wedding Coordinator: Katie Simmons
Hair & Makeup: Salon Emage
Florist: Design in Bloom
Baker: Michelle Leonard
DJ: Musical DJ’s
Linens: Piedmont Golf Club
Officiant: Bill Cochran
Transportation: Midpark Transporatation

Trummer’s on Main Wedding | Northern Virginia Photographer, Clifton, VA

I have been looking forward to photographing at Trummers on Main in Clifton, VA! The bright and beautiful Winter Garden Room is full of sunlight and warmth in spite of the chilly weather! The grand room has walls of golden yellow and is filled with glowing sunlight from the skylights and beautiful full length windows. Magical, is the best way to describe the experience when you enter the space.

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The Historic town of Clifton, Virginia has the charm of a Norman Rockwell painting. In 1902, Clifton Station was established as a town. Quaint shops, restaurants and a romantic gazebo are located in the heart of Historic Clifton, Virginia. This wedding vintage style is perfect for a Wedding celebration in the quaint Clifton town setting combined with the elegance of Trummer’s on the Main. Wrapping up this season as the weather is turning chilly winter! This shoot is featured just in time to make the blog this week! I hope you enjoy the bridal portraits at the lovely Trummers on Main and the quaint town of Clifton, Virginia! The weather is turning chilly in time for hot cider and yummy Austrian Linzer cookies filled with raspberry jelly to warm our hearts!

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The “Golden Hour” is also known as the magic hour! I love the lighting during this time, which is the hour right before the sun goes down. The magic of the hour gives beautiful warm light which is glowing! Changes in lighting occur very quickly in the “Golden hour”! These Bridal Portraits are a few of my favorites of the day!

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Trummers on Main is a beautiful wedding venue in Clifton, VA! Contact me at Gilroy Photography at or email at to check my availability for your Wedding day!

Venue: Trummer’s on Main | Photographer: Gilroy Photography – Donna Gilroy | Florist: Fleurtations | Hair and Makeup: VA Spa and Salon | Paper Goods: Papyrus | Dessert: Corner Bakery | Dress: Oriana Designer, St. Anthony’s Bridal | Jewelry: Macy’s | Vintage Rentals: La Bella Luce |

Denise and Chris | Historic Occoquan Engagement Session

I met Denise and Chris at the Occoquan waterfront for their engagement session and strolled through the quaint Historic Occoquan, Virginia streets. They are such a sweet and down to earth couple! They brought a blanket and picnic to share with me: what a perfect way to end an engagement photo session. I love my clients!

The couple met and fell in love in their Vector Geometry class while attending George Mason University! Chris proposed to Denise at L’Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls. Their beautiful wedding will be held at St Leo’s the Great Catholic Church this summer!

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Erin and Darcy – Engagement Photographs – The Winery at Bull Run

This engagement session will make you Smile! Erin and Darcy are two of the nicest people you will ever meet and are both civil engineers who love travel and the great outdoors. The engagement photo session took place at The Winery at Bull Run in Centreville, Virginia on a crisp October afternoon. We then ventured to the Stone Bridge in Manassas National Battlefield Park along the Bull Run path. The beautiful Autumn leaves were just beginning to turn colors!

I had the best time with you both and love your photos! I can’t wait to photograph your Wedding!

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Jeanette + Jarred – Engagement Photographs – Old Town Alexandria, VA

It was a late Sunday afternoon in April and we had a great time walking along the beautiful streets and waterfront in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia for their engagement photographs. What a fun and loving couple!

By the Waterfront

By the Waterfront

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